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Beginner Tutorials Jasa SEO Murah Blogspot – Actually I wrote a similar article. Only after receiving many comments I conclude that the tricks of SEO and SEO tutorials that I serve here seems not quite “simple”. So the language used still needs to be further simplified. With pleasure I will make it simple again, but somehow SEO can not be as simple as most people expected.

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But before I begin I would like to review the notion of an opinion ask if there is a difference between SEO blogspot, WordPress, or PHP website, and others? I personally think it makes no difference. Google sets a standard Search Engine Optimization in the algorithm, and we must meet the standards of any blog or website platform. So actually learn Jasa SEO Murah blogspot tantamount to learn SEO WordPress, it’s just different tools to make it happen.

So what will be discussed below apply to all blogging platforms. Broadly speaking, Jasa SEO Murah Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines is divided into 3 parts:
Onpage optimization
Offpage optimization
avoiding Violations
Before I explain the three parts of the above, it is no less important is the process of starting the blog itself. There are two things you should consider in starting your blog, namely:
Make a blog that you are interested in and mastered the theme
Do research the best keywords for your blog article

The second article SEO tutorial above, especially about keyword research so I recommend to read. But read it later, you should first read further in order to get a great overview of Search Engine Optimization itself.

Up until this point I assume you have established a blog what you create. You also specify key words what would you include in your blog post. So the next step is ….

HTML of your blog should help the search engine robots to recognize the contents of the article. There are some HTML that can help robot. According to our location to be in the HEAD section of the HTML, and HTML in the BODY.

HTML HEAD section, namely:
Posting Title Tag contains the keywords right under the, is like the nameplate on a character, so do not get nothing. Posting under the title meta description tag above. Install the Google Webmaster Tools verification meta. Please read on how to use Google Webmaster Tools. Post a tracker of Google Analytic code on your blog. Please read how Google Analytic list. HTML BODY section, namely: Heading – you can give labels h1 – h6 to express the degree of importance of a phrase or term. From h1 to h6 up, stating that term is increasingly important. Bold – Bold or bold print are also often used to express a phrase in paragraph is an important part.

More details on setting up the title tags, meta tags, heading tags and you can read by clicking on the link provided.


The structure of the blog should be able to be crawled by search engines like Google’s robots, therefore ….
Avoid using a robots meta anything if you just want to be indexed
Also make sure that the speed of the blog is open there is no interference. The longer your blog is open, then the points will decrease as well. If there is a script or image burdensome process of opening a blog should be deleted.
All URLs must be accessible to search engines crawling robots, no more than 3 clicks from the homepage blog
Content or the content of the blog is something that should be the focus of your attention. SEO tutorial on my blog has several times stressed the importance of the content or the content of this blog. Note 4 things you must take from your content.
In making the content or articles must be qualified. If you want to blogging for a long time, quality article every three days is still better than the original article so every day. Jasa SEO Murah
Content or blog article must be able to make visitors feel at home and even better if they open another article to read. These factors affect the time of visit and number of page views of your blog.
Articles and Content should always be updated, so if you can regularly do a post, although only once in three days, then do it. But please note that the quality of the content remains the primary. You can also try to do a review on your old articles. If the position starts to fall, then create a new version, with a link to your old articles.
Keyword deployment in any reasonable article. There is no such thing as a density factor of 3%, or 4%, and so on. If you’ve repeated it three times and given thickening (bold), then Google would have looked at it important. Although there is no keyword density, but no such thing as keyword stuffing (accumulation of keywords), avoid this one.

Link quality was also measured using several parameters. The more quality backlinks you get, the better the points your web page
The anchor text should contain keywords that you want. You should note that this anchor text should be varied. If you can make 10 variations of anchor text, it will be good once
The number of backlinks is basically not limited, Jasa SEO Murah but additional, should tend to be consistent.
Get traffic from Social Network, due to the presence of the Google Analytic code tracker that I have proposed above will make a visit from out of Google became important for SEO.
Social Bookmark is also important. If you can sign up and get a vote for your blog, then your blog will be displayed in the pages of social bookmarking which is actually very good pagerank and alexa

Do not provide links to any site, because if it Jasa SEO Murah violates the provisions of Google’s site, you also will be affected by a reduction in points.
Do not do buildup keywords. Do it naturally, because Google’s algorithm is now increasingly sophisticated and complex. (Playing safe is highly recommended)
Do not create articles that are not qualified. At least make an article of not less than 500 words.
Do not do Cloaking, where you give a different page to see the robot, and seen by visitors. Fatal sanctions are banned from Google
Do not pay any site to give a link to you. If you still have time you should link your own post. It’s also heavy penalties are banned. Google only ever specify a himself, where Google Japan lost from the index, due to violations by employees.
Do not make the text color the same color as the background so that the words are not readable by the human eye.
Do not use an iframe like chatbox on a page that you want to compete in the medium competition keywords, because the iframe is seen as a spider trap and can greatly reduce the points.
Flash banner and so not favored by search engines, if not really necessary should avoid
So more or less have to be presented in a SEO Blogspot Tutorial (Beginner) this time. But for those who are still very newbie, writing the above can be still made dizzy. So let’s read the summary below.

Tutorial Learn Jasa SEO Murah : Suggested To Do!
Create blogs that you enjoy and master
Perform keyword research (Very Important)
Install the title tag containing keywords just below the Attach meta description contains keywords Register your blog on Google Webmaster Tools Register your blog on Google Analytic Give heading right to emphasize the importance phrases Give bold (bold) in the keywords Meta robots do not need if you just want indexed Ensure good blog loading speed, delete script that inhibit All URLs must be affordable within 3 clicks away from the homepage blog Make quality articles and satisfy visitors Articles should make a visit and number of page reads improved Articles must be kept updated and fresh Use keywords naturally only in the article and do not forget bold If you can get quality links, then do Make sure you use anchor text containing keywords Make sure you vary the anchor text because it is very natural Get the number of backlinks that a lot and tend to be consistent Get traffic from social networks Get a vote that many social bookmarking site

Tutorial Learn SEO: Suggested To Avoid!
Do not provide links to any website.
Do not do buildup keywords.
Do not create articles that are not qualified.
Do not do Cloaking.
Do not pay any site to give a link.
Do not create hidden text
Do not use an iframe
Avoid the use of Flash
Still complicated? Could not be simpler in my opinion. So learn only gradually, because search engine optimization aka SEO is not material to be mastered in a day. Ok, good luck with your blog.

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